Our Monthly Newsletter

The EVANGELISM TEAM is an active part of our witness to the community. They sponsor “The Tent of Meeting” hospitality during Faith Fourth of July and a “Live Christmas Nativity” as part of our outreach for Christ in the Faith community. They are our “FAITH in ACTION” group.

CAROLINAS LUTHERAN WOMEN (CLW) partners with the NALC Carolinas Mission District and LCMC of NC/SC, to join together a sisters in Christ. Several smaller “circles” are part of the CLW here at Faith Lutheran Church.

Our Partners

The following organizations are our partners in ministry here at home, and around the world. If you visit each website, you will find the interconnectedness that we all share in Christ. We seek to accomplish the Great Commission to make disciples, care for the poor, educate, inspire, and grow the Body of Christ together.

Special Thanks to:

Rustic Images Photography
for the beautiful photography of our church.

PR Media & Marketing
for the development/design of our website and various content creations for our Facebook.